My Muse


by: Hannah CHang Schroeder

for a lovely lady in Sheboygan

you are my muse

my beautiful flower

dancing in the shower

on a cold winter night

you know how to make me warm

you know how to keep away the swarm

the swarm of bees that fly into me

stabbing my should with a sharp dagger

you divert them with your beauty

so mesmerizing and sweet

calm and cool

you weave through my body

like silk on water

you make me feel sick to my stomach

the loves bellows in my face

the smoke forms a cloud around us

protecting us from everything bad in this queotic world

you are me and i am you but we are separate

hug me, squeeze me until my organs fall out on the table

splat goes me heart on to the dinner plate

a nice human fleshy date

my brains spill on to the napkin

flowing like the ocean

my body falls apart

piece by piece

into the plater of you

you make me smile

you make me cry

i want to look into you abyss of eyes

until the end of time

you can call me mine








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