BLOG CITY [new blogs i will launch]

Inevitable change - a Minneapolis based instrumental project. Anyone that is living in Minneapolis and is talented at an instrument (or vocals) can participate. I jam in guitar stores, on the street, in friend's apartments, in cafes, in bars, in venues, in the bathroom, on the 3rd floor of the central library in the piano room I reserve nearly every day for a half hour, on the MOA stage grand piano, in random university practice rooms, in my sleep, in my wake, come JAM WITH ME FOR HEAVENS SAKE

Positive negatives  - a blog dedicated to photos catered on film. Aka the negatives. Aka positive memories captured on a "negative." aka a play on words..Aka I am witty. Photos of my travels, family, friends, bible camp, my pets, sports, anything and everything.

Helmet heads of MN- a blog dedicated to the hard working residents of MN. We do accept Oscar on national TV for all to see...but We are the type of people that wear their helmet when we bike. Sure, it is sexy ms.hipster to wear that sun dress while peddling a vintage bike with your hair blowing in the wind - helmet free - but when that car hits you and you turn into a vegetable and have to have a feeding tube and be wheel chair bound and maybe brain dead...or Be real dead in a coffin...that Is not sexy. WEARING A HELMET IS SEXY. MY uncle looks sexy thanks to the helmet he was wearing when a car hit him when he was biking. My friend looks sexy thanks to the helmet she was wearing when she got hit by a car on her bike. Yes, even I look sexy thanks to the helmet I was wearing when I fell of my bike [MN winter]. So be sexy with me and wear a helmet. It is obviously and analogy - we are not Hollywood super stars...we Are Minnesota super stars. So this blog is dedicated to hard working tax paying residents of MN that I know and love. These people have directly effected my life in a positive way and make this a better and more interesting community to be a part of. I bought a helmet at unique thrift store in st.paul, MN and spray painted it gold. I place the helmet on the heads of my real life Minnesota heroes. This is our Oscar.

She's going the distance - a blog dedicated to long distance runners. We have a bond like no other. Running cross country for the Roseville public schools changed my life forever and I am still very dear friends with many of the woman that once ran side by side. This will tell my story about running and how it has helped me live a healthy life both mentally and physically. I will scan and upload photos from my middle/high school cc running years and photos from races I have ran since I graduated. I will start a running club in Minneapolis, a running club were new runners will feel welcome. I want all people that have the capability to run to read about how running long distance has changed my life forever. Once a distie, always a distie. "she's going the distance" is a cake song from the 1990's it was on a cc soundtrack my captain (of the Roseville cc team) gave to all of us at the end of the season in 2001. Yes, a CD, not mp3 for an ipod, there were no ipods then.

Letters to Hannah - a blog dedicated to all my pen pals - past, present and future. I have pen pals from bible camp, Hawaiian camp, my exchange years in Brazil, exchange students that studied at uw-stout or roseville HS, exchange students my parents hosted in mn, and pen pals from all around the world. also notes i was handed in school through out many years. i will attempt to type up all these notes and post them to this blog.