Haikus for Californians

take it from the girl
the one with the purple hair
she always knows best

take not from the one
the one who died her hair blue
the secret is kept

until the time when
the closest become closer
and all is reviled

burning inside me
formulating at my tongue
was the sound i heard

a broken promise
escapes from my impatient
soul the cannot rest

the start of something
i have only 2 dollars
be my idea


flowmatic : distortions

This series is entitled flowmatic : distortions.  These are expressive drawing I made, some solo and most collaborative. I find it beautiful when good friends and family can spend time together creating art. 

THE SPACES WITHIN   By: Hannah Schroeder, Nadine Crisp and Alisha Bube

YELLOW   By: Hannah Schroeder and Rebecca Greenfield

FIG / FOOL   By: Hannah Schroeder and Michael Pittman

VEERLE AS A CAT    By: Hannah Schroeder and Veerle Monkerhey

HISTORY  By: Hannah Schroeder

BIG BIG ______ MESS   By:  Hannah Schroeder, Alexandra Peter, Michael Pittman and Veerle Monkerhey

TILE  By: By: Hannah Schroeder, Alexandra Peter, Michael Pittman

VISION   By: Hannah Schroeder, Malia Schroeder, Alexandra Peter, and Michael Pittman

ROTATE  By: Hannah Schroeder


You know

I free styled a song in my bathroom, this was the product. The video image is a video of me wrapping my best friends VHS tape in the summer of 2009.  

ev er y th in g is part II

the follow up to "ev er y th in g is." this is a representation of time and space. it plays with the idea of substance and the lack there of in this world and in the way that we define things. everything comes from nothing... but everything also comes from something... something comes from nothing... and nothing comes from something. without something there cannot be nothing...without nothing, there cannot be something. the two feed off one another.

so in conclusion...


ev er y th in g is

ev er y th in g is part I

this is a video i took of myself in a room lit with only a black light. it represents and reminds us that every thing is. it is as simple as that. the music in the back round is a recording of alexandra peter and i free styling on the piano.


cat watching bug 11.05.2009

This is a video examining my cat examine a bug. He was watching the bug so intently that it was almont like he was mimiking the bugs' every move.


Haikus for Madeline Cont.


typing on dirty
surfaces in the late night
the keys should be white

the broken drywall
covering the gallery
i breath in the dust

stale spit in my mouth
forming familiar tastes
lack of words are home

it is getting cold
outside the smoke forms a cloud
i breathe on your face

slowly i change pace
counting all the cracks every time
makes me feel so safe

peanut butter smeared
a layer on my sketch book
it smells of nuts now



birth. rebirth. siblings.

This was a drawing II assignment. Our assignment was to create an "environment" with an installation and then draw 2 compositions from that. This is what I came up with. This piece is titled "birth. rebirth. siblings."

Note- I took these photos of the drawings with my photo booth on my laptop-- that explains the low quality of the photo.


poetry cont.


I fly by you
Going 0 miles per hour
Sliding out of the womb
I fly by you tripping on the ground falling in piles of socks
I fly by you
I fly by you walking on the street
Throwing change by your feet
I fly by you smoking a cigarette
After watching my grandmother heart stop from lung failure
I fly by you
Slower and faster
The change of pace makes me dizzy
I want to throw up
I fly by you on my bicycle
100 miles per hour
You are in a car and there is a stop sign
I don’t stop,
I fly by you
I am wearing a red coat at night and the cars don’t see me
I fly by you
I fly by you pissed drunk
The blur of your face rubs a picture in my mind
I fall off a trunk and scar my body as
Fly by

I fly by you on my birthday
Everything is loud and happy
You look at my and I at you
While I fly by you
I fly by you as I pass you on the bus
A small girl winks at me
I fly by you
I fly by you with a knife in my hand
I stab the water mellow and juices fly everywhere
I fly by you in my wheelchair
Rolling toward the door way to the garden
I fly by you in my sleep
I fly by you
I fly by you in the subway
The tunnel comes to an end
The lights go out