flowmatic : distortions

This series is entitled flowmatic : distortions.  These are expressive drawing I made, some solo and most collaborative. I find it beautiful when good friends and family can spend time together creating art. 

THE SPACES WITHIN   By: Hannah Schroeder, Nadine Crisp and Alisha Bube

YELLOW   By: Hannah Schroeder and Rebecca Greenfield

FIG / FOOL   By: Hannah Schroeder and Michael Pittman

VEERLE AS A CAT    By: Hannah Schroeder and Veerle Monkerhey

HISTORY  By: Hannah Schroeder

BIG BIG ______ MESS   By:  Hannah Schroeder, Alexandra Peter, Michael Pittman and Veerle Monkerhey

TILE  By: By: Hannah Schroeder, Alexandra Peter, Michael Pittman

VISION   By: Hannah Schroeder, Malia Schroeder, Alexandra Peter, and Michael Pittman

ROTATE  By: Hannah Schroeder

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