All I know is what I know
I could know more but that does not mean I know it now
All I want is what I have or could have
All I need is what I have
I need less than I have
I have too much
I even carry on me more than I need
I speak more than I need to speak
I look
I look around all the time
Not more than needed
There is not a set amount of time for Looking
Who is looking at me?
I can see it but can it see me?
I need love
I have love
The right love
You can always have more love


Time moves fast…
Like shooting stars into to the dark universe
When does it end?
Smearing blue paint on a black canvas
I can’t see where one line ends and the other begins
My days turn into periods of time that are blurred together
How can I save this moment if it has no beginning and no end?
The dream world and the real world form into one
A world of clocks that do not tick and moon like suns
The line between night and day is too thin to see
So I close my eyes and float into time
What ever that may mean.


Rose tinted glass
Felt like a crazy chicken running around in my coop
so I picked up some Rose tinted glass
Shading my eyes
Walking through a hallway with black lights
You make me feel calm
When I look into my neighbors house and I
saw a little girl dancing with her dad but it was just the t.v.
All of a sudden the waters red, the snow is red
The whites of your eyes, they are red too


i am a loud noise
in a small room
with no windows
bouncing from corner to corner
on the white drywall
the sound flows in my ears
like warm butter
it circles around me


maddie eats a fry
it is a tasty french fry
but it is in france

squeeze a teddy bear
do not make the fluff come out
or we have sad bear

yellow paint on me
upside-down walking on walls
it drips on my face

the fuzzy green mold
growing on my loaf of bread
i like to eat it

don't look at the sun
without your magic glasses
because they protect


the stars appeared in triangles
sets of three dots thrown in the sky
i felt as if the sky was my ceiling and i could touch it with my palm
grabbing every star and connecting the lines to make the triangles

when i shut my eyes i saw purple sparks flying around
a foggy blue light flashed in front of me as i opened my eyes to the night sky
i was laughing

i thought we were alone on the driveway
until i saw the porch light come on and and two people walked out
smoking a cigarette

i could see the smoke float into space
my breath become part of the air
a meteor
green and purple
dance in front of my face

just in time for me to see it

it was so perfect


the energy was pouring out of my finger tips in waves of green
i felt like i had to touch someone to displace all of the energy flowing out of my body
holding a hand while singing a song
summoning the spirits
my heart was pounding out of my body
smile glued to my face
a genuine smile from within
a smile when i know no one is looking at me because they are all as overjoyed with the situation
as i am
one voice was calling out to the dead
but the voice was sang by many
people all around me
can you hear them come?


i had a dream
that i was in a tornado with you
the house was lifted
as the house was spinning we grabbed on to the railing for dear life and pulled
ourselves into the basement
the concrete was shaking
the storm passed
but your mother was driving
we cannot find her
and my car is


Nobody knows what’s in your pocket
At 435 in the morning
Not even I know but when I ask you
You told me it was a pink lighter
How do I know, how do I know
That you are telling the truth
Even about small things even about small things
You asked me a question
It went like this on February tenth
You said how many times have you thought about me
Right before you close your eyes and lay down
And I said every night I said hear the while I shut my eyes I think of you wishing I could simply hold your hand
Simply hold your hand

In the middle of the day


The rice krispies seemed so clean and light as I poured them into my white bowl
I have never felt so clean and dirty within four hours.
I didn’t sleep last night
Arrived home at 3:30 to find myself itching my body
The bites were swollen
Bed bug
Everywhere in my bed
Hard to spot, but creeping in my mattress
Stripped my room of everything
Trash bags and trashcans
Carpet ripped up and thrown outside
The old wood is reviled
Vacuumed and fresh the floor shined
Like shinny tooth
The room was clean, but I was dirty
I felt the bugs crawling in my hair
Washed hair 3 times
Scrubbed and scrubbed
Rice krispies and feeling clean
I suppose the bed bugs are worth the friendship of the person that brought them into my bed.

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